Happy Earth Day 2009

ECOstrive – Well, its Earth Day again. I can say that I am happy to hear the general attitude this time seems to be action. Action in the form of green building, replacing light bulbs, solar power, electric cars and other things that are available and can be done today. So much better than the global alarming from years past. In fact, it makes it a day of awareness instead of the annual Chicken Little day. 

As we here at ECOstrive approach our third year, we would like to say thanks to everyone that has contributed, or participated in our little site. We have certainly had fun. We have met a lot of great people that are trying to bring sanity to this mess just like us. Going forward, we hope to provide a LOT more action oriented news as people put shovel to dirt and do something about our general wastefulness and inefficiency, rather than scream about things that are improbable at best.

We look forward to a new year with all of our friends. And remember, on Earth Day we should reflect on how we can be more responsible, not how loudly we can scream that the sky is falling.

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