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Taking Action: Clayton Homes builds the i-house

ECOstrive – Another company taking action is Clayton Homes. They are a manufacturer of houses that is building a new product called the i-home. The i-home is one of the first “Green” manufactured home designs. The i-house comes standard with dual-flush toilets, no VOC paint, tankless water heaters and much more.

Using residential modular construction techniques, the homes come with 2×6 exterior wall studs and an amazing R-21 wall and R-30 Floor and Roof insulation. The roof even includes a “butterfly” rain collection design. These features are all incorporated into an affordable package. The i-house II is a little over 1000 square feet in a 2 bedroom, 1 bath configuration for the low $90’s.

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Happy Earth Day 2009

ECOstrive – Well, its Earth Day again. I can say that I am happy to hear the general attitude this time seems to be action. Action in the form of green building, replacing light bulbs, solar power, electric cars and other things that are available and can be done today. So much better than the global alarming from years past. In fact, it makes it a day of awareness instead of the annual Chicken Little day.  Continue reading Happy Earth Day 2009

It’s Not Easy Being Green

By Ken Connor

I’m going green! Not because I’m a tree-hugger, nor because I have embraced some form of pantheistic environmentalism. Rather, it’s because I’m concerned about promoting freedom and protecting family.

Recently, I read Thomas Friedman’s book, Hot, Flat, and Crowded. Friedman is a passionate advocate for the development of renewable energy resources to reduce America’s dependence on foreign oil. His reasoning, however, may surprise you. It turns out, this New York Times columnist isn’t only concerned about the environmental impact of fossil fuels on planet earth; he is also concerned about the impact that oil revenues have on freedom abroad and security at home. Both are impacted by the amount of oil revenues that flow into what Friedman calls “petrolist states.” Continue reading It’s Not Easy Being Green

What is a “Green” car?

ECOstrive – Green is more than just a color, today it has come to represent environmentally friendly technology. With so much talk of reducing emissions and lowering our dependence on foreign oil, it is hard to figure out which new automotive technology is the best. There are alternatives available now that can help us reduce our pollution and dependence on oil. This article will attempt to review the available technologies and help you determine which is best for you. Continue reading What is a “Green” car?

Boeing set to unveil 787 amid order flurry

Boeing 787
Boeing 787

By Bill Rigby Sun Jul 8, 3:35 PM ET

SEATTLE (Reuters) – Boeing Co. prepared to unveil the first carbon-composite 787 Dreamliner on Sunday amid a flurry of 55 new orders for the lightweight, fuel efficient plane.

European, Middle Eastern and Australian carriers trumpeted new purchases at various Boeing events in Seattle, as the plane maker got ready to host 15,000 or so employees, customers and suppliers at its nearby Everett, Washington, plant. Continue reading Boeing set to unveil 787 amid order flurry

General Motors Reports Progress Toward New All-Electric Car

Chevy Volt concept car by GM
Chevy Volt concept car by GM

By John Bichard

Washington – 19 June 2007 – In January of 2007, General Motors (GM) unveiled a concept car powered solely by electricity. The Chevrolet Volt is a big step beyond today’s hybrid, that uses both a gasoline engine and electric motor. VOA’s John Birchard reports on the progress GM is making toward turning the Volt from an attractive idea into a production vehicle.

As vice president of research and development and strategic planning for General Motors, Larry Burns is responsible for the company’s efforts to reinvent the automobile, so to speak – to move beyond conventional gasoline-powered vehicles to environmentally sound “green” cars of tomorrow. Continue reading General Motors Reports Progress Toward New All-Electric Car

IBM Unveils Plan to Combat Data Center Energy Crisis

IBM's Green Data Center Marketing Photo
IBM's Green Data Center Marketing Photo

NEW YORK, NY – 10 May 2007: IBM (NYSE: IBM) today announced it is redirecting $1 billion per year across its businesses, mobilizing the company’s resources to dramatically increase the level of energy efficiency in IT. The plan includes new products and services for IBM and its clients to sharply reduce data center energy consumption, transforming the world’s business and public technology infrastructures into “green” data centers.

The savings are substantial — for an average 25,000 square foot data center, clients should be able to achieve 42 percent energy savings. Based on the energy mix in the US, this savings equates to 7,439 tons of carbon emissions saved per year. Continue reading IBM Unveils Plan to Combat Data Center Energy Crisis