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Things you can do right now to reduce waste and encourage sane behavior from our leaders.

Sun Screens: Saving energy in warm climates

ECOstrive – For those of you that live in warm climates (especially the sunny ones) where you use Air Conditioning to cool your house in the summer months, you probably already know how hot the inside of an unshaded window gets in the peak of the season. This is called “thermal transference”. Transferring all of that heat inside your house makes your AC work a lot harder. Solar screens are an easy way to reduce the amount of heat making its way into your house and keeping it cooler and more comfortable. Continue reading Sun Screens: Saving energy in warm climates

Solar Power: More affordable than you think

ECOstrive – Installing solar power systems can be more affordable than you think. Many power companies will refund up to $30,000 for your system, plus give you credit for any extra electricity you generate. The result? How about an electric bill that is up to 90% less.

With some power companies refunding up to $3 per watt DC of rated solar power installed in an on-grid installation, cost of many rooftop solar power systems are reduced by up to $30,000. Combine this with a Federal Tax Credit of 30% of the system cost, up to $2000 and some State Tax Credits (Arizona gives 25% of the system cost up to $1000), you can get a pretty powerful system for under $30,000. Continue reading Solar Power: More affordable than you think

What is a “Green” car?

ECOstrive – Green is more than just a color, today it has come to represent environmentally friendly technology. With so much talk of reducing emissions and lowering our dependence on foreign oil, it is hard to figure out which new automotive technology is the best. There are alternatives available now that can help us reduce our pollution and dependence on oil. This article will attempt to review the available technologies and help you determine which is best for you. Continue reading What is a “Green” car?

Do You Care More Than Gore

Republicans are going to have to care less about proving Al Gore wrong and care more about the Earth than Al claims to.

by Pastor Bill Vanderbush

When the opportunity arises for a free dinner at a country club on Maui, one would be unwise not to take advantage of such an event.

So it was when I was invited to the Maui County Republican convention, where my good friend was vying for the voting affections of a few dozen retirees with sun-soaked faces and strangely dyed hair. It’s amazing that such a crowd decides the political leadership for the whole party, but I guess everyone else had to work or surf. Continue reading Do You Care More Than Gore

Take Action: Replace a light bulb

ECOstrive – If every American home replaced just one light bulb with an ENERGY STAR qualified bulb, we would save enough energy to light more than 3 million homes for a year, more than $600 million in annual energy costs, and prevent greenhouse gases equivalent to the emissions of more than 800,000 cars. Source: Energy Star Continue reading Take Action: Replace a light bulb

What is Conservative Environmentalism?

By Ray Hodges

ECOstrive – 7 July 2007: The Conservative Environmentalist believes that we can encourage a market shift toward a more sustainable model that reduces dependence on non-renewable energy sources and reduces waste, while improving the standard and quality of life.

A Conservative Environmentalist believes that we can enjoy our quality of life, while working toward a more environmentally friendly future. We are part of the environment, and are always working towards progress. We will not regress and try to abate an effect that we know very little about. The Conservative Environmentalist will work towards progress, and part of that progress is to be more efficient, less wasteful, and more sustainable. Continue reading What is Conservative Environmentalism?