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What the pack of population that just follows the latest fad are doing.

ECOstrive Is Still Here

ECOstrive – Seems like it’s been forever, since I’ve updated this site. A lot has happened in the last couple of years. A123 Systems went bankrupt, even though they had a great battery technology. IBM began the Battery 500 program to create batteries for electric cars with a 500 mile range. Tesla went public and has been trading at nearly double their IPO price. And, the alarmist have been caught lying and manipulating data, without¬†repercussions¬† changed the theory several times and made fortunes off of “Green” investments in non-viable technologies supported by the governments.

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Happy Earth Day 2009

ECOstrive РWell, its Earth Day again. I can say that I am happy to hear the general attitude this time seems to be action. Action in the form of green building, replacing light bulbs, solar power, electric cars and other things that are available and can be done today. So much better than the global alarming from years past. In fact, it makes it a day of awareness instead of the annual Chicken Little day.  Continue reading Happy Earth Day 2009

Earth Hour blackout highlights global warming

Earth Hour?
Earth Hour?

SYDNEY (AFP) – Australia’s largest city was shrouded in darkness on Saturday night as it launched a worldwide campaign stretching from Sydney to San Francisco to highlight global warming.

Sydney was the first major metropolis to mark Saturday’s ‘Earth Hour’, a self-imposed 60-minute black-out, with the lights on landmark buildings, corporate skyscrapers, businesses and homes switched off from 8:00 pm (0900 GMT).

From there the initiative, which aims to engage the community in combatting global warming, will see lights dimmed or turned off at 8:00 pm local time in Asian cities such as Bangkok and Manila, before spreading further to Europe and the Americas. Tel Aviv marked the event on March 27 for religious reasons. Continue reading Earth Hour blackout highlights global warming

Environmentalists target blind people


ECOstrive – According to an AP article this morning, Hybrid and electric vehicles are too quiet for the blind.

This complaint by the NFB has caused the radical environmentalists to send threats to NFB President Marc Maurer suggesting that the members of his group should be the first to drown when sea levels rise from global warming. This is a perfect example of the lack of tolerance of these supposedly tolerant environmental groups. Continue reading Environmentalists target blind people