What is Conservative Environmentalism?

By Ray Hodges

ECOstrive – 7 July 2007: The Conservative Environmentalist believes that we can encourage a market shift toward a more sustainable model that reduces dependence on non-renewable energy sources and reduces waste, while improving the standard and quality of life.

A Conservative Environmentalist believes that we can enjoy our quality of life, while working toward a more environmentally friendly future. We are part of the environment, and are always working towards progress. We will not regress and try to abate an effect that we know very little about. The Conservative Environmentalist will work towards progress, and part of that progress is to be more efficient, less wasteful, and more sustainable.

The Conservative Environmentalist understands that mankind will always have an impact on the environment, but we are also part of that environment. We understand that, in the name of progress, we may destroy some ecosystems, and we do not take that lightly. We also recognize that, in the name of progress, we have created new ecosystems and must analyze the impacts of the demands to undo that progress (i.e. the damming of some rivers).

The Conservative Environmentalist recognizes our position at the top of the food chain and endeavors to remain there. The task of feeding, providing water to, and moving roughly 7 billion people is a daunting one. There are radical environmental groups that want to make changes that would negatively impact the ability to see to those people’s needs, whereas Conservative Environmentalists will analyze the change to make sure that it is progression, not regression.

Conservative Environmentalism will strive to influence the market. We recognize that saving an ecosystem can have the effect of destroying an economy. We have to encourage the market to demand greater efficiency, and the eventual migration from fossil fuels. We strive to take the steps that are available today to reduce the consumption of energy, like replacing incandescent lights with compact fluorescent bulbs, and many others technologies that are small steps in the right direction. In other words, the Conservative Environmentalist will take action.

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