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Siemens teams up with Russia for slice of nuclear pie

by Frederic Happe Frederic Happe – Wed Mar 4, 2:17 pm ET

BERLIN (AFP) – Siemens has become the latest German firm to up its game and tap into the renewed interest in nuclear power being seen all across the world — but not in the company’s own backyard.

The Munich-based industrial giant said late Tuesday it had signed a memorandum of understanding to form a joint venture with Russian firm Rosatom that they hope will become the “world market leader” in nuclear technology.

The joint company, in which state-run Rosatom will hold 50 percent plus one share, will be active along the entire nuclear chain from making the fuel, building atomic power stations to decommissioning of old plants. Continue reading Siemens teams up with Russia for slice of nuclear pie

Fight Global Warming with what? Spit Balls?

Energy needs
Energy needs

ECOstrive – To coin a phrase from a great democratic senator from Georgia, Senator Zell Miller, when talking of what we should arm U.S. Troops with in the war on terrorism; I use his words when talking about Greenpeace on fighting Global Climate Change.

Greenpeace loves to report the problem of global warming and energy. They are against power plants that burn fossil fuels and they are very much against nuclear power. According to their Energy [r]evolution Blueprint, they say that we can get all of our energy from solar, wind and other “renewable” sources and that nuclear power has no place in their blueprint.

Solar, wind and other renewable sources are small contributors to the current electricity supply (see below), or “spit balls” in the terms of this article. There is no denying that these technologies are desirable, and our goal should be to seek their maturity so that they can begin to shoulder the burden of supplying the U.S. energy demand. The problem is that these current technologies cannot make a significant contribution to the U.S. energy demand. Continue reading Fight Global Warming with what? Spit Balls?