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31,000 Scientists say Wake Up People!

ECOstrive – There is a new consensus on global climate change. Over 31,000 scientists, including over 9,000 with PhDs have signed a petition to reject the Kyoto Protocol and any future climate related treaties. These scientist are experts in their fields and well outnumber the 600 or so “authors” on the IPCC panel.

These 31,000 scientists have peer reviewed this 12-page review article about the human-caused global warming hypothesis that is circulated with the petition.

Koyoto Rejection Petition

Bottom line is that these scientists agree that the we are warming. In fact, we are starting to approach the mean temperature prior to the “mini-Ice Age”. They also agree that there is no correlation between the climate cycles and greenhouse gas emissions by humans. Continue reading 31,000 Scientists say Wake Up People!

All for a good cause

Al Gore
Al Gore

By Orson Scott Card

This article first appeared in The Rhinoceros Times of Greensboro, North Carolina, and is used here with permission.

An intelligence source, working for a government agency. He’s not a spy, he’s an analyst. He uses computers to crunch numbers and at the end of his work, out pops the truth that was hiding in the original data. Let’s call him “Mann.”

The trouble with Mann is, he has an ideology. He knows what he wants his results to be. And the original numbers aren’t giving him that data. So the agency he works for won’t be able to persuade people to fight the war he wants to fight. Well, that’s not acceptable. Continue reading All for a good cause