ECOstrive Is Still Here

ECOstrive – Seems like it’s been forever, since I’ve updated this site. A lot has happened in the last couple of years. A123 Systems went bankrupt, even though they had a great battery technology. IBM began the Battery 500 program to create batteries for electric cars with a 500 mile range. Tesla went public and has been trading at nearly double their IPO price. And, the alarmist have been caught lying and manipulating data, without repercussions  changed the theory several times and made fortunes off of “Green” investments in non-viable technologies supported by the governments.

All-in-all, it’s been a crazy couple of years. My supporters keep growing and I feel that I haven’t given you much. For that, I apologize. My profession and other interests have taken me away from my passion for the long-overdue useful electric car, LED lighting that is brighter than incandescent, affordable and efficient rooftop solar, and so much more.

I’m going to try to remedy this by working to make time to post new content. As said before, I plan to be less on the Alarming and Herd hysteria (the negative) and focus more on the They Strive and You Strive sections (positive). I really want to catch you up on what Tesla’s been doing. Their Model-S sedan is a HUGE success and plans to deliver the Model-X SUV in 2014 seem to be right on track. Elon Musk has also committed to building a nationwide recharging network for Tesla customers to travel coast-to-coast in their electric cars without worry.

So, with that said, I can’t wait to start publishing the news on what we and others are doing to make sensible changes in our everyday lives.

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