Design of the Tesla Model S

ECOstrive – With deliveries expected to begin in 2012, Tesla is poised to own the luxury sedan market with it’s all-electric Model S car. This seven passenger vehicle is unique because it is built on a flat platform. That is, batteries between the front wheels and motor between the rear. This gives the designers a very open pallet to be creative in both the exterior and interior of the car.

The Model S is available for purchase now at a growing number of Tesla dealerships around the world, or online at for a fully refundable reservation fee of $5,000. Tesla has delivered over 500 of the Roadster sports car and has demonstrated the ability to produce all-electric vehicles.

Tesla has been securing investments from Daimler and other major car makers, as well as being one of the first automakers to receive approval for the new Department of Energy loans to expand manufacturing in the United States.

Stay tuned, more to come on Tesla as they are poised to be the automaker of the future.

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