Better Battery Technology Could Soon Power Your Car

A123's m1 Lithium Nano Battery
A123's m1 Lithium Nano Battery

ECOstrive – A123Systems has a battery technology that powers DeWalt tools today, but could be powering electric and Plug-in Hybrid cars tomorrow.

DeWalt’s new 36 volt cordless systems use A123Systems’ new m1 Nanophosphate™ lithium ion battery technology to get 2 to 3 times the run time, and cut charging time to about 1 hour. But the real promise will be the use in electric vehicles. The technology yields an incredible amount of power for the weight, and is much safer than traditional lithium ion technology.

The secret is in the size of the particles in the battery. The new Nanophosphate™ lithium ion battery technology uses particles several magnitudes smaller than traditional lithium ion batteries, resulting in more energy with less stress on the internal components. This means that these batteries are much more resistant to vibration, heat, and other things that can cause your laptop lithium ion battery to explode.

Supplying batteries to the power tool market will give significant economies of scale to A123Systems, allowing the price to drop on all of their products. Watch for them to show up in plug-in hybrid vehicles soon, and full electric vehicles in the near future.

ECOstrive salutes the efforts of A123Systems for bringing much needed battery advancement to market. Learn more at

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