AFS Trinity Unveils 150 MPG Extreme Hybrid (XH™) SUV

AFS Trinity XH
AFS Trinity XH

DETROIT, January 13, 2008 . . . In just completed road tests, a 2007 SUV straight off an American automaker’s showroom floor and subsequently equipped with the patent pending Extreme Hybrid™ (XH™) drive train, exceeded 150 mpg, AFS Trinity Power Corporation reported today at the North American International Auto Show (NAIAS) in Detroit.

AFS Trinity CEO Edward W. Furia provided details of the tests and the patent pending Fast Energy Storage™ system that makes the Extreme Hybrid™ possible. During Furia’s report, a second, identically-equipped and fully functional SUV demonstrator of the XH™ technology was unveiled and will remain on display throughout the Auto Show.

“Extreme Hybrids™ don’t need high priced technology and don’t require new or expensive fuels, such as hydrogen, which, according to Argonne National Labs, will cost twice as much as gasoline at the pump and require installation of an infrastructure costing half a trillion dollars. The Extreme Hybrid™ is not a concept,” Furia said, “but a practical alternative that relies on cheap electricity from America’s vast existing energy infrastructure—the electric power grid.”

Furia also pointed to a recent U.S. DOE study that concluded sufficient excess electrical generating and transmission capacity exists today during off-peak hours in America’s power grid to recharge 84% of America’s light duty car, truck and SUV fleet—184 million vehicles—even if they were all converted to plug-in hybrid drive trains.

According to Furia, the Extreme Hybrid™ tests just completed at Michelin’s Laurens Proving Grounds in South Carolina produced . . .
. . . more than 150 miles per gallon of gasoline based on the EPA Combined Urban/Highway Driving Cycle with 6 days per week of 40 miles per day in all electric mode and one day at 100 miles with assistance of the gas engine. Different driving patterns will produce different results.
. . . 40 mile all-electric range on a single, overnight charge.
. . . Extended range of 400 miles with hybrid operation.
. . . rapid acceleration in all modes of operation, including all electric mode in which no gasoline is burned at all.
. . . highway speeds up to 87 miles per hour in either all electric or hybrid mode.
. . . Even faster acceleration and higher speeds possible in future production models should the company decide to configure them for such performance.

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